Jaclyn Lund

Third Year
Psychology/Classics Major, Art History Minor
Atlanta, GA
Favorite Classical Work: Ovid’s Metamorphoses
I really enjoy Classics Club because its a great way to get to know others in the department and hang out with them outside of class. Since the Classics department is so small, its awesome to know people in your classes better and be able to have friends who understand when you’re really excited about a derivation you just discovered, even if you might be a little too excited.

Paul Rohrbach
Vice President
Third Year
Rocky Hill, NJ
Favorite Classics Work: First year greek’s practice sentences.
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Ashley Mehra
Treasurer/ASC Rep
Third Year
Politics Honors & Classics (concentration in Greek)
Englewood, NJ
Favorite Classical Work: Plato’s Phaedo
Why Classics Club: Sure, it is not easy to translate great authors like Cicero and Herodotus. But it is such an immense privilege to be able to plumb the depths of culture’s past with each piece of classical literature that we read. It is difficult for me to put into words the great joy that I feel from reading Greek or Latin, so I turn to Arthur Schopenhauer for advice. Schopenhauer quite perfectly says “There is no better recreation for the mind than the study of the ancient classics. Take any one of [piece of writing] into your hand, be it only for half an hour, and you will feel yourself refreshed, relieved, purified, ennobled, strengthened; just as if you had quenched your thirst at some pure spring.”
Ben Hillman

Classics Day Chair
Third Year
Centreville, VA
Favorite Classical Work: Apocolocyntosis
Why I like Classics Club: I can hang out with people who share my interest in the Classics.


Rebecca Burkley

Secretary/Social Chair
Third Year
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering and (of course) Latin
Johns Creek, GA (Atlanta suburb)
Favorite Classical Work:  Aeneid (yes, I know its cliché)
Why I love Classics Club: The people are awesome, and it’s fun to be able to enjoy Latin and classics related things outside of class (especially Video night)! I also can’t take Latin every semester, so it’s a great way to stay involved :D

Angie Ngo

Second Year
Herndon, VA
Salvete omnes! I enjoy being a part of Classics Club because I can still revel in the awesomeness that is anything Greco-Roman related despite not taking any Latin classes anymore. My favorite author would be the one who penned the classic “nunc est bibendum.” Oh and “carpe diem,” right. Thanks, Horace.

Second Year
Aerospace Engineering
Jacksonville, FL
Favorite Classical Work: Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Why I love Classics Club: All the fun activities celebrating the legacy of the ancient Greece and Rome!